Saturday 7 May 2011

New Looks!

I've made few more changes to the blog; changed the background and managed to center align the header image. It's so much fun playing around, provided you have the time to(which is a bit tough for me to find with two online stores, facebook fanpage, my website, home, hubby and two cute daughters). Well, back to the topic now! The other day I came across this rustic, sort of vintage background and I knew I had to get it on my blog(somehow). I just love it(till I find something even better). Hope you'll like it too!

Oh! I almost's this lovely treasury, featuring varied items from the members of 'Lost in the Crowd' Team on etsy. Its called 'Beautiful Lost Treasures'. And my 'Purple Jade and Aventurine Hoop Earrings - Mystic Wheel' are included too! Do check it out. Here's the link:

Ops! I went off the topic again; As I said its fun to play around! I sometimes deliberately take the wrong turns(time-permitted), you may never know what you'll find/discover............
Have Fun!!


  1. I love those purple earring! Have fun expermenting on your blog.

  2. I love those earrings! They're so unique. The colors are beautiful too.


  3. Very pretty earrings. Love your work.